Brick Lane baker brings cupcakes to Brockley Road with new cafe

Cupcakes made by Stacie Maile pic: Rachael Healy

Brockley Road has gained an intriguing addition to the numerous newsagents and fried chicken take-aways when the cupcake cafe Pat-a-Cake opened its doors last month.

The walls of the single-roomed, wood-clad establishment are covered in the work of local artists. Floral bunting, antique teacups and the smell of fresh baking complete the atmosphere.

Stacie Maile, 28, conceived the decor herself and single-handedly runs the place, baking every cupcake from scratch.

Stacie used to work in accounts, whilst selling her cupcakes from a Brick Lane market stall each weekend, but says: “I didn’t like working in accounts!”

“I started getting loads of wedding orders in Brick Lane; I got so many that I quit my job.”

Soon after, Stacie and an estate agent friend began to hunt for a place to set up a permanent cupcake business. She said: “It wasn’t planned, but we had always wanted to do it.”

The location they settled on was 358 Brockley Road and it has so far been a successful spot. “There’s nothing like it here,” says Stacie, “and it’s close to [Crofton Park] station, schools and nurseries… Lots of mums with babies come in; they’ve said it’s nice that there’s somewhere like this.”

The cupcakes have proved popular, and Stacie says all of her customers have been very complimentary about her baking.

Pat-a-cake cupcake shop pic: Rachael Healy

Every cupcake is based on a family recipe: “They’re all my mum’s recipes, but tweaked slightly. I always remember baking with my mum when I was little.” Stacie continued to bake when she left home, as a hobby with friends and housemates, but has only been doing it professionally for the last year and a half.

As Stacie bakes fresh cupcakes every day, the selection in the cafe is always different. Chocolate peanut butter is an enduring favourite, and Stacie tells of a recent innovation involving crumbled mint aero and mint icing.

As well as the beautifully handcrafted cakes, Pat-a-Cake sells savoury snacks, juices, teas, and coffees.

Pat-a-Cake is open:

Monday-Friday: 8am-6pm

Saturday: 10am-5pm

Sunday: 11am-4pm


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