Day of action targets Christmas burglary

Police officers across south London have arrested 28 people in a ‘day of action’, as part of a crackdown on burglary.

Police targeted individuals suspected of burglary and handling stolen goods, and among the items recovered were class A drugs and shotgun ammunition.

The arrests were made across the boroughs of Lewisham, Greenwich, Bromley, Lambeth and Southwark where officers carried out curfew checks on offenders, and increased patrols in burglary hotspots.

Scotland Yard’s current purge on burglars comes in response to increased risk to home security in the run up to Christmas, when houses are in darkness for longer and more valuable items are on display.

Commander David Zinzan, head of policing across south-east London, said: “Burglary is extremely distressing for victims, particularly in the run up to Christmas when people are looking forward to sharing presents with their loved ones. This day of action is aimed at transferring that distress onto burglars and ensuring that they do not ruin the festive fun for others.

“We also want to take this opportunity to raise people’s awareness of how to keep their homes safe. A burglar will select homes that present the best opportunity for their crime to go undetected and with the fewest obstacles in their way.”

Scotland Yard statistics for Lewisham show 181 reports of residential crime this year. Zinzan added that 36 per cent of burglaries occur at insecure properties and urged homeowners to follow police advice on reducing the risk of burglary.

“Help us to protect your home by taking simple steps such as using timers to turn lights and radios on, fitting alarms, making sure homes are properly locked and by keeping valuables and presents out of view.” More advice from the Metropolitan Police can be found here.


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