Violent duo convicted for drug conspiracy

Aaron Morris pic: The Metropolitan Police

Two Tower Hamlets men have been convicted for their part in a violent, drug robbery conspiracy.

Police intercepted two vans, driven by the men, as they travelled to a drug safe house in Essex. The house was later raided and 1,000kg of cannabis, and 50kg of amphetamine sulphate were recovered.

Aaron Morris, 22, from Fawe Street, appeared yesterday at Southwark Crown Court and was found guilty of conspiracy to rob, and supply controlled drugs.

Mark Morris, 37, from East India Dock Road, previously pleaded guilty to the same charges.

The Tower Hamlets men – along with Kevin Hunter, 18, from Chingford, and Mark Bines, 28, from Woodford Green – were arrested by police on July 6 as part of a Metropolitan Police intelligence operation.

Detective Inspector Bruce South said: “I believe these individuals were intent on committing a violent robbery at the safe house and have no doubt that had it not been for the intervention of officers we could have seen a very different set of circumstances unfold.”

The group had been stopped by police earlier in the year whilst in possession of a loaded firearm, hammers, handcuffs, balaclavas and masks.

All four men are due to be sentenced on January 27.


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