Longest sentence given to Croydon riot convict

pic: Metropolitan Police

A rioter has been given the longest jail sentence to date for the August disturbances in London.

Ryan Kichenside was sentenced to five years and ten months in jail for violent disorder, robbery and two counts of burglary at the Inner London Crown Court yesterday.

The 18-year old became notorious after a video was posted to YouTube showing him chase after a man on a scooter riding through a crowd of rioters. Kichenside grabbed the individual in a headlock and dragged him off the vehicle. The scooter rider’s ankle was fractured as a result.

Kichenside of St Mary’s Road, Croydon, was also charged for instigating two attacks on shops that were looted and was seen throwing rocks at a police cordon.

His sentence comes as the Metropolitan Police are publishing images and details of those jailed for their role in the riots onto Flickr. A total of 66 individuals featured on the website have been jailed for over 95 years as part of Operation Withern.

Detective Superintendent Robin Bhairam said: “This investigation will continue – it is a marathon not a sprint. The sentences that have been handed down by the courts reflect the seriousness of the crimes that have been committed.”

Four months on from the riots, the Met have arrested 3,423 people and charged or summoned 2,179.

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