Local pedal power keeps silver screen aglow

pic: Magnificent Revolutions

If you thought cinema was a sedentary vocation then think again; pedal powered movies have come to town.

Magnificent Revolutions, a not-for-profit education project in Hackney’s City Farm are bringing their cycle-in cinema to East London with a night of short films.

The Monkey With a Movie Camera Short Films night is a collaboration with independent film magazine Gorilla and will take place at Look Mum No Hands, a cycle café on Old Street.

Adam Walker, from Magnificent Revolutions said: “The aim is to get people out of their homes and all together to put the magic back into cinema.”

“Sometimes everyone claps at the end, but the test of whether people are enjoying it is if they’re still cycling!”

People will take turns cycling for about ten minutes each. Since the night is showing short films, there will be a chance to swap when each one finishes.

“You always get some nutters who are dead set on cycling for the full hour and a half, but you also get some kids who go on for ten secs then get bored…but you got to cater for everyone.

“Despite what my friends used to think – it’s not just me on a bike!”

Amongst the films being shown will be some by local filmmakers, including one by James Price who runs the production company Field Studies and a new work by Hackney collective Firefly Photo Films.

There will also be animations, fiction and films from around the world.

Tom Dalling from Gorilla magazine isn’t worried about the cycling becoming a distraction: “To be honest I think it will be a way to engage people more – if anything it might increase peoples attention. It will definitely add to the spectacle of the night.”

Monkey With a Movie Camera is on Wednesday December 14 from 7pm, at Look Mum No Hands, 49 Old Street, EC1V 9HX

For more information and for future events visit: www.magnificentrevolution.orgwww.gorillafilmmagazine.comwww.lookmumnohands.com


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