Murder gun in baby’s nightdress

A Croydon gangster, Dino Roullion, 34, has been sentenced this week to five years and nine months in prison for possessing a loaded weapon. Sentenced with him were Shevonne Legister of Norwood, Andrew Cross of Lambeth, and Shubiah Linton. 

The weapon had previously been used in the unsolved murder of 24 year old Gary Malone.

After the murder, the Mac 10 sub-machinegun was wrapped in a baby’s nightdress, hidden in a rucksack and given to Legister, 21, who was given a five year sentence. Legister is the girlfriend of gang member Lemuel Robinson, 27, of Sutton, who was jailed for ten years.

Roullion met Legister to take possession of the gun after she had taken a taxi to Amerley Park. Police had been following Legister, and shortly arrested them both.

The weapon was used to shoot Malone seven times as he sat on the sofa at his aunt’s house in west Norwood in September 2009.

Legister, Robinson and fellow gang member Andrew Cross, 28, of Lambeth, were cleared of murdering Mr Malone at the Old Bailey.


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