Residents back #towerhamlets city bid

pic: Lene Wold

Residents across Tower Hamlets shared their enthusiasm this Wednesday when the council organized a daylong twitter marathon to support the borough’s city bid.

The initiative, labeled “Tower Hamlets Tweets”, urged residents to show their love for Tower Hamlets by tweeting all the positive things in the borough.

Early this morning tweets started to trickle in, explaining why Tower Hamlet is a great place to live, work and visit.

Residents highlighted the boroughs history, culture, and character. One twitter user enthusiastically asking: “why wouldn’t you want to live in Tower Hamlets?”

Others said the borough was a fantastic place because of its wonderful people, pointing out the “city workers, trend setters and locals.”

Key supporters of the city bid, such as the mayor of Tower Hamlets and the Canary Wharf Group, also tweeted their views.

The Canary Warf Group said they were proud to be in Tower Hamlets and backing the city bid.

However, not all tweets were positive and one twitter user pointed out that a lot of places in Tower Hamlets needed regeneration, and not a “spurious city status”.

Most of the tweets were in favor of the city status though, highlighting famous landmarks, recommending hidden gems and promoting upcoming events.

The Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman, said he believed a city status would bring a “raft of benefits” to the borough.

In the race to become the UK’s next city the council needed to come up with different ways for people to back up the borough’s bid. Consequently they have also created a Facebook page where anyone can “like” the City of Tower Hamlets and add images of their favorite parts of the borough.

Anyone with a Twitter account can still follow the bid on Twitter today, using the hashtag #cityoftowerhamlets.

There are no restrictions to the Tower Hamlets Tweets, just an opportunity to highlight the many ways in which Tower Hamlets is ready to be a city.


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