UEL launches bursary scheme for students

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The University of East London has launched a bursary scheme to help students from colleges in Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Lewisham.

The UEL National Scholarship Programme award is for a total of £3000, and will be available to students from 19 East London partner colleges. It will given to those who choose UEL as their first preference institution on UCAS, and whose household income is less than £25,000.

The award comes in the form of £1000 in cash for the student’s first year of study, and a further £2000 in credits, which can be used to pay for books, travel, accommodation and materials throughout their course.

The plans come after the announcement in April that the university would be charging £9000 fees.

Hafsana Akthar, 18, a student at Hackney Community College, told EastLondonLines she wanted to go to university last year but did not feel she could afford it, and instead decided to take up a yearlong apprenticeship scheme. However, after hearing of the bursary, she is now hoping to go on to university next year.

Akhtar said: “Having a bursary will make all the difference to me, as it means I can afford to buy the books and other materials I need to study my degree. It will make a huge difference to students wanting to go on to university.”

Selena Bolingbroke, UEL Pro-Vice Chancellor, said: “We are giving our students bursaries rather than fee waivers because they put cash into their pockets when they need it the most – especially if they don’t have access to the bank of mum and dad.”

The colleges who will benefit from the bursary include Hackney Community College, Clapton Girl’s Technology College, and Brooke House Sixth Form College in Hackney. Other schools include Crossways College and Lewisham College in Lewisham; Tower Hamlets College and Sir John Cass Redcoat Foundation and Secondary School in Tower Hamlets.

UEL already offers an annual ‘progress bursary’ to all full-time home undergraduates, which will be topped up by £2000 for those also in receipt of the NSP bursary. Students receiving the funds will still be able to apply for student loans and grants.

To check your eligibility for the bursary, contact UEL’s Student Money Advice and Rights Team at smart.uel.ac.uk or on 020 8233 6200



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