Free Olympic games screenings on Blackheath

Olympic Screens - Pic: David Anstiss

A Labour councillor is encouraging local residents to take advantage of a new giant screen, which is to be placed on Blackheath in time for the Olympics.

Kevin Bonavia, Blackheath Councillor, told EastLondonLines: “With the Olympics taking place on our doorstep, I think a public event like outdoor screens could be a good way for local people to enjoy the games.

“I am encouraging local businesses, charities and community groups to take a full part and I hope there will be plenty of sporting activities as part of the event involving people of all ages.”

However, according to the Blackheath Bugle blog website, local residents are divided over the plans.

One resident wrote:

“This is great news. I live in Blackheath and am very pleased we’ll have an enjoyable, communal way to enjoy the Olympics, outdoors, and for free.”

Whereas another comment read: “Great idea! Let the revolution begin at the ballot box! Lewisham politicians have sold the Heath to Glendale.”

Bonavia defended the plans, saying: “Any outdoor activity is going to have an impact on the surrounding area, and potential benefit has to be weighed against potential detriment.”

Mayor of Lewisham, Sir Steve Bullock said: “The London 2012 Games are a once-in-a-lifetime event and we want our residents to have a great place to meet and enjoy the spectacle. And lying within the last mile of the Games venue at Greenwich Park, we can welcome the world’s visitors to stop, relax and join our celebrations in Blackheath.”

So far, three locations have been confirmed as ‘live sites’ during the games. Trafalgar Square, Victoria Park and Hyde Park will all host big screens to show the events, and more local authorities have been invited to apply for ‘Community Live Sites’.

Local residents are encouraged to join the discussion on the Community Live Site at the next Blackheath Assembly on January 26, 7.40 pm at St Matthew Academy, St Joseph’s Vale.

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