Bow roundabout plans unveiled [VIDEO]

Bow roundabout pic: Diamond Geezer (Flickr)

TfL has unveiled plans to improve cyclist safety on one of London’s most dangerous roundabouts, which saw the deaths of two cyclists in three weeks last year.

The proposals will include changes to traffic signals on the eastbound and westbound entrance of the Bow roundabout, which will now provide a dedicated green light phase for cyclists to travel before other vehicles.

It was also suggested that Bow flyover is reduced from two traffic lanes to one in both directions, with new dedicated cycle lanes. Advanced stop lines could also be added to the junctions will create a space for cyclists in front of any traffic.

John Biggs, London Assembly member for City and East London, said: “The consultation from TfL is a welcome first step, however, the mayor needs to address the pressing issue of pedestrian safety at this junction, as the proposals do nothing for their safety. I will continue to campaign for a longer term comprehensive solution that meets the needs of pedestrians as well”.

The junction is considered to be an accident hotspot, particularly for cyclists. One problem is when vehicles only have the option to turn left, through a cycle lane which is heading straight on.

The roundabout is also used by a high number of HGVs.

Recent changes to traffic lights and signs warning drivers and cyclists to look out for each other has still not protected against careless driving and crashes.

A total of 16 cyclists were killed on London’s roads in 2011. The two on the Bow Roundabout were Brian Dorling, 58 on October 24 and Svetlana Tereschenko, 34 on November 11.

Video by Rosie Thompson and Irene Baque de Puig (Graphics by Tfl)

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