Comedian Kojo floors hometown Hackney audience in sell-out gig

Kojo with celebrity fan Simon Webbe and others Pic: Adelle Kalakouti

Hackney comedian Kojo returned to his home stage last weekend to perform his sell out show, ‘Live and Kicking’.  It was the 32 year-old’s first solo outing in five years and the comic did not disappoint.

Hackney Empire was jam-packed, with both the Friday and Saturday night shows sold out. Kojo’s hometown fans turned out in force to support him and to be part of his first live DVD recording.

Kojo, who grew up on Hackney’s Lea View House estate in Upper Clapton, had his audience in stitches, as he analysed the capital’s dating scene, unusual fashion habits, local politics and the London riots. Alongside his jokes the comedian addressed issues that he passionately believes need to change.

Kojo said: “I’m one of many urban voices that need to be heard, as the things politicians ignore are the things we’ve had to make jokes out of to stop us going crazy.”

The comic, radio presenter and now actor began his career at the Empire in Mare Street and has since moved on to become an international star.

Ricky Norwood, aka ‘Fatboy’ from ‘EastEnders’, London-based singer/songwriter Varren Wade, and Blue boy band member, Simon Webbe and his girlfriend, glamour model Maria Koukas, were just a few of the star-studded audience who turned out to show their support.

In an interview with SBTV, Kojo said: “I felt like the first DVD that I film I wanted it to be at my home theatre. I’m a local guy from Hackney, so if I can do my first DVD and take Hackney all across the world…then that’s really a positive thing for me, especially after the riots and everything.”

He presents the Choice FM daily breakfast show and hosts MTV shows such as, ‘The Fresh Prince of Hackney’, ‘Young Gods of Comedy’ and ‘Kojo’s Comedy Fun House’. Recently, his career took another turn when he decided to try his luck in the bright lights of cinema. He will appear in his first film, ‘The Knot’, a Noel Clarke production.

Kojo’s Live and Kicking DVD is set to be released at the end of the year by Revolver Entertainment.



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