Disabled Bow performer to shine at Olympics

George Elich Pic: Agnes Bel

A Tower Hamlets resident’s dream of being part of the Olympic Games will be made a reality.

George Elich, 25, who has learning difficulties, will take part in one of the two biggest shows in the world this year, the Olympic Games Opening or Closing Ceremony.

The young man from Bow has been selected to be a Ceremonies Volunteer Performer after getting through three rounds of auditions.

The successful applicants had to show they had a real sense of rhythm and good drumming skills.

Elich told EastLondonLines: “I am really delighted to be part of such a great event. I am a big sports fan and I enjoy performing and expressing myself in front of others.

“It is such a great opportunity to be a volunteer at the opening or closing ceremony! My family, my parents, everyone is really proud of me. In a few years, I will be able to say ‘yeah, I was there!’”

He has been a resident of Grove Road, a supported living service for adults with learning difficulties based in Bow, since March 2011.

The residence is run by disability charity Livability and is part of the charity’s Lifestyle Choices scheme. Turning 26 on February 7, Elich is the youngest of the five residents.

He will now start a series of rehearsals to get ready for the event. From April, there will be two to three rehearsal sessions per week, lasting up to four hours.

Though he will be performing in front of an estimated one billion people worldwide expected to watch the ceremonies, and a further 80,000 in the stadium, Elich is full of confidence. He said: “I am not scared. I am not frightened at all.”


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