Emerging artists showcase work in Hackney Gallery [Video]

Pic: Neeraj Shrivastava

Three up-and-coming artists have come together to display a diverse collection of artwork at Stoke Newington Library Gallery in Hackney.

‘Between the acres of rye’ is a showcase of work by Lauren Aston, Julia Hayes and Jennifer Hooper, opened on January 21 and will run until Thursday the 26.

The exhibition of the London-based artists , who met at Camberwell College of Art in 2001, revolves around timeless themes, such as memory, escapism and the imagination.

For the show, Aston collated a set of work which embraces many of these topics, looks at long standing ideas with a fresh approach.

Hayes is passionate about drawings, installations and textile pieces. Examinations of celebration, community, transgressions, rituals and human behaviour form the basis of her work in the exhibition.

Hooper explores the conception of the past and the complexity of recollection. She examines what is lost and found, what is kept and discarded.

EastLondonLines visited the exhibition and spoke to the artist’s about their work and the exhibtion. See what they had to say here;

by Ruddhi Abhyankar and Neeraj Shrivastava

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