Free business course for Lee Green residents

New scheme for Lee Green Residents, Pic: Albert Steinberger

Aspiring entrepeneurs in Lee Green will have the opportunity to sharpen their business acumen and hone their skills with a free course that starts in February.

The business enterprise programme is aimed at helping people of all ages from the area to start or develop a business.

The 8-week pilot course will run twice a week on Thursdays and Fridays and will train amateur entrepreneurs in all aspects of business including first steps, registration with Inland Revenue and acquiring premises. The scheme will Initially cater to a small batch of around 14-16 participants.

Funded by Lewisham Council, the sessions will be delivered by Elevating Success UK, a not-for-profit company designed to promote charitable causes.

Andrew Brown, the managing director of Elevating Success is to teach the course. Speaking about the benefits of the scheme for participants, he said: “It will definitely boost peoples’ confidence to a large extent. In fact, people have benefitted a lot from our similar initiatives before. For example, we have had few single mothers on our programs who now are very confident after seeing their dreams come true.”

He said that the company would apply for more funding if the course proves to be a success.

To make the locals aware of the program, which is specifically for peole living in the Lee Green area, Elevating Success and Lewisham council are distributing leaflets and visiting libraries, local shops, job centres and other public areas.

The Lee Green local assembly is another source of funding for the scheme, for which it has proided £4,500. It is one of 18 such assemblies throughout the borough that residents can attend to discuss local matters and consider how funding available in the ward is to be spent.

The course will begin on February 2. If you are interested or wish to book a place call Elevating Success on 020 7993 8411

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