Lewisham council pushes new recycling initiative

Lewisham recyling scheme, Pic: Joe Miranda

Recycling advisers from the council will visit 30,000 homes on its housing estates, to boost recycling awareness among Lewisham residents.

The initiative was set up to educate Lewisham residents about additional materials that can now be recycled, including: juice cartons, mixed plastics, aerosols, shredded paper, bubble wrap, carrier bags, old clothes and other textiles.

The program, which has now begun, will continue till the end of February 2012.

The new move will also introduce to locals the newly designed 50-litre recycling bags for easy disposal of dry wastes.

ByWaters, which now manages the council’s waste and recycling, means Lewisham residents will be able to benefit from the companies plan to use sophisticated sorting systems.

The new initiative adds to a list of new schemes set out in the East London boroughs. Only recently, Hackney Council announced free community composting equipment for communities and schools.

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