Woman charged for out of control dangerous dog

Pic: This Year's Love, Flickr

A woman from Lewisham has been charged with having a dangerous dog out of control in a public place.

Karen McGibbon, 43, from Weardale Road, was charged on Thursday and will appear at Bromley Magistrates Court next week.

EastLondonLines recently reported on the issue of dangerous dogs in Lewisham, with locals divided over the proposals to change the Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991.

At present, certain breeds, such as the Pit Bull Terrier, are banned. Dogs of these breeds must, by law be muzzled and kept on a lead when in a public place. They must also be neutered, insured, tattooed and microchipped.

If an owner is judged to be unsuitable, the dog cannot be rehomed and is destroyed.

The new Dog Control Bill, which places emphasis on responsible ownership, is currently awaiting a second reading in the House of Commons. If passed, it would be legal to own currently banned breeds, with owners being prosecuted if their dog attacks someone.

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