Blessed Zion debuts at London Fashion Week


Blessed Zion wows with leather. Pic: Irene Baque de Puig

The Croydon-based fashion designer Zion has launched her brand at London Fashion Week, taking part in a catwalk show for new designers on Sunday.

After setting up Blessed Zion in summer 2011, Zion had the opportunity to show her work at the Westbury Hotel on Conduit Street in west London with other amateur designers.

The show was a mixture of denim, metallic and batik fabrics, accompanied by suits made with satin and leather.

The designer told EastLondonLines that her inspiration comes from her time spent working and travelling around Asia and Africa.  She explained that her travels enabled her to “introduce colours and different ethnic influences” in to her work.

Zion added that she has always been very open minded in terms of style. The designer, who has previous experience in both the retail and design aspects of fashion, decided to begin making clothes in Croydon after coming back from time in LA.

Zion poses with models post-show. Pic: Irene Baque de Puig

The whole brand is self-funded, but Zion hopes to change that: “I would like someone with some money to invest and assist us with the funding.”

Zion advises Londoners who want to start a career in fashion to: “Stay committed to your dream: don’t give up and be confident in what you do if it’s something you want to do, no matter what. My mottos are perseverance, persistence, and staying positive.”

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