Council plans to relocate New Addington Library

pic: flicker

Local residents expressed concern as Croydon Council revealed plans to relocate the New Addington Library.

The Council released a statement saying that the current building has reached the end of its useful life and has plans to move the library into the New Addington CALAT Centre premises, which is only a few minutes walk away from the current library.

Though the Some local residents are upset about the council’s plan as the CALAT premises proposed for the library’s relocation are to be shared with the adult education and job centre. The New Addington Library, currently located in Central Parade, is home to a children’s library and homework help club.

One library user, who wished not to be named, expressed serious concerns about the closure. The man said that the number of books currently available in the library could be reduced, adding that the new building may not have enough space for community activities when the library is incorporated.

When asked about future available space, number of books, level of service and any consultation carried out about the move, Croydon Council replied that: “We are currently looking at plans that will ensure that all of the existing services are simply lifted up and moved wholesale to a far more modern and accessible building. However we are at a development stage, so nothing can be 100% confirmed right now, but this is not a closure, simply a relocation a couple of minutes walk away.”


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