Council works to tackle domestic violence

Hackney Council Photo: Bunch & Duke

Hackney Council have undertaken new measures to help reduce domestic violence in the borough, which currently has one of the highest rates of domestic violence in London.

The issue has been made a priority by the Community Safety and Social Inclusion Commission, who have advised the council on how to support those living with domestic violence, and how to ensure victims see court cases through to the end. Often domestic violence victims are intimidated into withdrawing charges early or not showing up in court.

The commission will also investigate how Hackney citizens can cope with financial pressures and ensure perpetrators undertake behavioural management programmes.

Cllr Carole Williams, chair of the commission, said that council services addressing violence in the home are “high performing and have begun to transform an area of social care which had been neglected for too long”.

She added that: “Domestic violence affects too many people in Hackney.”

The commission made several recommendations to Hackney Council to be implemented in the borough.

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