Tony Newman tells EastLondonLines why post-riot investment isn’t enough

A Labour member and councillor of Croydon has appealed to David Cameron that Croydon “needs more support than it is getting” following last year’s riots. Speaking to EastLondonLines, Tony Newman has urged the Prime Minister to do all he can to support the borough.

“Croydon was the worst hit in the last year’s riots and severely damaged its reputation. I think it needs a collective effort  from the Mayor’s office, Council and everybody in Croydon to come and work  with major multi-nationals”, Newman said.

“Croydon is a positive place and a good value for money in terms of investment. There has been talks of several investors looking at investing at the existing Whitgift Centre and plans for extending it, and we welcome them to come and put their money here as quickly as possible and start the job of rebuilding Croydon” he appealed.

However, recent revalations that food-giant Nestle will relocate away from the borough have come as a shock to Newmann who feels efforts must be made by central government to ensure no more jobs that necessary are taken out of the area.

Newman hopes that Legal and General, a risk and investment management business who bought the former Nestle offices on Park Lane on January 23, will bring jobs to Croydon.

“We must be urging Legal and General to make sure they make every effort to occupy St. George’s House and bring jobs to Croydon. One of the issues we have when we lose  these big companies like Nestle is that the local shops in the area, the cafes, the ones that do the lunches, they all lose a lot of business as well and potentially knocking out futher small business as well.”