Curtains drawn for Shoreditch crossing

Zebra Crossings

Zebra crossings becoming a rare breed in the capital. Pic: Benjamina Smith

Hackney Living Streets Group, Transport for All and Disability BackUp are joining together in organising a demonstration against proposals by TfL to close a pedestrian crossing close to the Moorefields Eye Hospital tomorrow.

The crossing, on the corner of Curtain road and Rivington Street in Shoreditch, is due to be removed as part of the TfL ‘Smoothing Traffic Flow’ scheme to remove crossings that are deemed unnecessary and would help ease traffic flow if removed.

Though other factors must come into consideration, argues the protest coordinator and Hackney resident, John Thornton:

“I saw and heard many visually impaired people, in particular white cane users, using that route. Disabled people are always going to be in a minority but that is not a valid argument for ignoring our needs”

The Hackney Living Streets Coordinator, Brenda Puech, says that even when it comes to financial issues, the crossing makes no economic sense:

“It seems like madness to be spending tax payer’s money on removing pedestrian crossings put in to keep children, the elderly and disabled people safe at an estimated cost of £80,000 each —not to mention that it will cost at least this much to install a new crossing again when it has become obvious what a mistake the removal was in the first place.”

The demonstration will take place tomorrow, Wednesday 15 February, at 4:30pm, on the crossing. Anyone wishing to participate is encouraged to wear costumes dressing up as zebras or a ‘lollipop person’.

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