Goldsmiths Debuts: student artists display their similarities

A still from a film project by Hannah Hood

Fine Art students from Goldsmiths College, University of London, have created a series of exhibitions based on commonalities in the work of student artists.

‘Presence’, the first show of the Goldsmiths Debuts exhibition, focuses on our relationships with objects and spaces, particularly everyday items. The students have used video, etching, sculpture, and even script-writing, to explore the theme. Later themes involve ‘Utterance’, featuring artworks concerned with the complications of communication, and ‘Embodiment’.

There will be four shows in total, one on the first Thursday of each month until May. For some of the students involved this will be the first time exhibiting artwork in a gallery. With the possible presence of successful graduates and art buyers they hope to raise the profile of their work in anticipation of the Goldsmiths final degree show in June.

‘Presence’ will be launched on Friday February 24, at Red Bull Studios, London Bridge.

More information, and a full list of show dates and the artists involved, can be found here.

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