Peep Show tours “UK’s most interesting town”

Robert Webb and David Mitchell - retrace their steps in a new tour. Pic: 10 Ninjas Steve

Tracking the misadventures of Peep Show’s Jeremy and Mark is no longer confined to a night in watching 4oD, now you can literally follow in their footsteps on a guided tour of their favourite haunts in Croydon.

Croydon Tours, a newly formed company, takes the public on various walking tours of the borough and according to the owner, James Naylor, it is ‘oversubscribed’ since starting earlier in the year.

Naylor told EastLondonLines that his keen interest in local history meant he took friends and family for tours round Croydon before Christmas and also put on occasional tours for the council to help people realise the potential of an often ill-perceived town.

Since then, he thought why not have a go and has set-up the walking tours in a bid to encourage people to take in the sights of “one of the most interesting towns in the country”.

“Since then, the interest has just exploded” he said.

“It’s about changing peoples perceptions, Croydon has a rich history, even the sixties tower blocks have an interesting back story.”

Over a hundred people so far have explored the town on the tours, which currently run twice on Saturdays.

A variety of tours are available with the hour-long version taking visitors up car parks, round shopping centres and even along the footpath trodden by the fictional characters from the Peep show – all for £8.

Despite some underwhelming landmarks, Naylor is confident that it’s the “UK’s most surprising guided tour”. It seems the popularity of the tours is at least intriguing people to book on and he expects the interest to continue growing.

“Surprisingly when it’s snowing and -5 outside, people don’t want to go on walking tours, so now the weather is improving we’ve had more and more interest.”

You can check out more about the tours and book online here.

EastLondonLines plans to go on the tour itself very soon.

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