Mad as a hatter: naked models’ catwalk show

Miss Wales & baby bump. Pic: Irene Baque du Puig

Models walked completely naked, wearing only hats, at designer Robyn Coles’ public catwalk show on Tuesday.

The show, featuring four new designs, took place at White Rabbit Studios in Shoreditch, at the conclusion of London Fashion Week.

The Welsh designer used five models, all of different ages and sizes, including her friend the eight- months’ pregnant Miss Wales, Sophia Cahill.

Between the models, Jeff Leach who presented the BBC documentary ‘Confessions of a Sex Addict’ was the only man who, tattoos bared, paraded in the show. Leach told EastLondonLines: “Most of the audience knew in advance that we were going to be naked, so I think that they were focusing on the hats. Or at least that was Robyn’s plan, but I guess that my friends were quite surprised.”

Leach added that he is used to performing, and was focussing inwards rather than on people’s reactions: “I was just showing Robyn’s hat. We had a good time, and she is a great designer.”

Surprised or not, the audience seemed to enjoy the show, which was sound-tracked by a Lana del Rey song.

The designer takes a bow. Pic: Irene Baque du Puig

After the show, a shy but happy Robyn Coles received a round of applause from the public. “The show went well. Everything kind of ran smoothly as I hoped it would” said Coles, who is excited about a new site that is going to start selling her hats.

EastLondonLines asked Coles whether she thought people were looking at the hats or the models. Coles said: “Yes, I hope so! Obviously it was a major publicity draw being nude and that’s why I did it, but I hope we got enough people here to see my hats and I hope they liked my work.”

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