Councils object to Olympic transport plans

The Olympic logo at St Pancras station pic: John Dickins, flickr

Hackney Council has objected to plans for the new Olympic Route Network, following concerns over its impact on local traffic and residents.

The 109-mile network is a lane system that will serve accredited vehicles during the Olympic and Paralympic games. It will connect key venues, including athletes’ accommodation and transport hubs, and will span across the city throughout the Olympic period.

Hackney, Greenwich and Waltham Forest, three of the six Olympic host boroughs, have all claimed the road alterations will impede access to hospitals, disrupt bus routes and restrict residents in their daily lives.

TFL said “clearly marked lines” will separate the lanes and that only limited “temporary traffic changes” will take place, including changes to traffic signals, restricted turns into side roads and the suspension of some pedestrian crossings.

A spokesperson for Hackney Council told EastLondonLines: “We have responded to a consultation on Olympic Route Network measures and we are working with TFL to try to resolve our concerns about resident and business access.”

A smaller-scale Paralympic Route Network is planned for the Paralympic games.

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