EastLondonLines Easter hunt for seasonal treats in Croydon

Rabbit deco. Pic Chloe Hirst

EastLondonLines visited central Croydon to hunt for special Easter treats and delights to help you celebrate this springtime festival. 

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Why not kick-start Easter with your very own Easter bunny.

The Easter bunny, traditionally a ‘hare’, was introduced by German settlers in America during the 1700s, where according to European folklore, the “Oschter Haws’ (hare) would put gifts of coloured-eggs in only the good children’s nests, which they made with their caps and bonnets before Easter.

Dabners pet shop on Surrey Street, has a number of six-week-old bunnies to be homed.

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Or perhaps something seasonal for the home. TIGER in the Whitgift shopping centre sells gifts for adults and children ranging from chicken money-boxes, egg-cups, fluffy chickens and rabbits, to household decorations.

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In the J Noakes Greetings cards booth in the Surrey Street Market, a variety of Easter cards are available Monday to Saturday 7:00-18:00.

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Time for a snack? Easter offers a plethora of treats. Some historians believe that the Hot Cross Bun was eaten before the birth of Christianity. Saxons are believed to have eaten the Bun in honour of the goddess Ostara — where the word ‘Easter’ may have originated from.

Or if you are in Croydon high street you can pick up an Easter biscuit from Coughlan’s Patisserie in Allders Mall.

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For an extra special Easter treat, cake-maker Venu Sood-Khan, specialises in customised egg-free cakes for any occasion or celebration.

Sood-Khan, 35, set up her cake shop in Decemeber last year as sideline hobby from her accountancy job. “Someone will come in with an idea for a cake and I tell them to come back in an hour and their cake is ready,” she said.

Her shop, ‘Cake 4 U’ is at St. Georges Walk and she welcomes any requests including easter-based ideas.

Contact: 0208 688 3330 or 07507994911

Pic: Chloe Hirst








If you are going to an Easter party don’t forget to adorn yourself in a fluffy, animal-themed costume. Rabbit and chick costumes are available at Masquerade on St. Georges Walk.


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