New Cross on Kony 2012

Pic: hdptcar, flickr

Kony 2012: it’s the campaign by Invisible Children that’s taken over the social networking world this week with a video reaching over 50 million YouTube hits to become an overnight viral sensation. George Clooney, Lady Gaga and even the Obama administration are just some of celebrities and public figures to have come out in support of the campaign by charity Invisible Children. EastLondonLines asked locals in New Cross about their thoughts on campaign and the online reaction to it.

Alice Laccy

Alice Laccy, 24, theatre director:

“I think the video is a suspicious covering up of wider issues. There are hundreds of other warlords, corrupt governments and the LRA largely stopped operating six years ago. I think we’re past raising awareness now. I’ve also read some stuff that suggests the charity behind the video, Invisible Children, are questionable and might not necessarily be the right people to be raising this issue.”

Hannah Hood

Hannah Hood, 22, Fine Art and History of Art student:

“I’ve watched the video. If it’s all legit, then, yeah, it’s definitely a worthwhile cause. I’m not sure if the video plays on people’s emotions a bit too much, though, and if people are just jumping on the bandwagon now and then forgetting about it in a month’s time.”

Josh Round



Josh Round, 21, student at London College of Communication, Peckham:

“Everybody just wants to share everything nowadays on Facebook and the Internet, not just this but everything about their lives. I haven’t seen the video but I think you have to be very careful when taking in information like this – you need to know where it comes from.”



Dominque Eriksson, 54, French teacher:

“Around five or so of my friends have shared the link on Facebook. I think people who are likely to share it are the people who already care about these types of causes. I don’t think people who aren’t empathic will, so I’m not sure if it has that much of an impact. I think the whole thing is a bit superficial.”

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