[Video] Tory Assembly candidate John Moss

Pic: Raziye Akkoc

Conservative candidate for the London Assembly City and East, John Moss, told EastLondonLines about his campaign.

In the video below, Moss discusses transport policy, cycling safety and why Tower Hamlets should vote Conservative.

His pledges

• Address housing and unemployment issues: “There’s a particularly large problem with youth unemployment in the Bangladeshi community.”

• “One thing I’ve been campaigning for is a branch of Eric Pickles’ curry college to be built, or to be opened, in Brick Lane, where all the Bangladeshi restaurateurs can lend their chefs to do the training to train young people up so they can take the jobs that are available in that fantastic area of London with all those wonderfully diverse restaurants.”

• Continue investing in transport infrastructure and to create jobs: “Boris has got plans to deliver 55,000 affordable homes in the next four years, and that alone will create over 100,000 jobs.”

• “Boris is investing in outer London high streets and suburbs, he’s investing in green spaces and all this adds to job creation.”

• Improve safety for cyclists, including with planned improvements to the Bow Roundabout.

Moss, from Chingford, is a chartered surveyor originally from Wakefield in Yorkshire. He previously ran as parliamentary candidate for Hackney South in 2005 and in local council elections in Waltham Forest.


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