Vox pop: Should the Clissold Park café have changed its menu?

Clissold Park pic: Loz Pycock, flickr

EastLondonLines asked customers in the Clissold Park café in Stoke Newington about recent changes to the café’s menu, after it was accused of alienating customers.

Lewis pic: Will Coldwell



Lewis, 29, Stoke Newington

“I used the old café and it seemed more approachable and you could just go in – it wasn’t so pristine. I remember the pricing in the old café was more reasonable. I suppose the point is there are a lot of teenagers who do use Clissold Park who don’t have that kind of money. From what I’ve heard and read it just seems that they’ve aimed the pricing, the food and the drinks at a certain clientele.”

Denis pic: Will Coldwell

Denis Murray, 34, Stamford Hill

“I’ve heard that people are saying that it doesn’t serve the community, and some things are a little pricy, but the food’s very good quality and I don’t think its any pricier than some of the places along Church Street. I think the only issue is that because its Hackney-owned people expect it to be cheaper. I think I would like the food to be healthy and good quality and I like the fact that it’s of a good standard and a nice place. It’s a grand old building and a nice setting and I think it would be a shame if the café and beyond let that down.”

Julia pic: Will Coldwell

Julia Lochnan, 35, Tourist

“I’m just visiting from overseas but I thought it was really good and wouldn’t be able to comment as much on the cost, but certainly the quality seemed to be good. Maybe there’s other stuff they could do like more take-out stuff, but there did seem to be some kid’s stuff.”

pic: Will Coldwell




Juliet, 27, Stoke Newington

“It’s a lovely café, but really busy on the day I used it. But the food and drinks and stuff were lovely. Renting a place like that must be expensive so I suppose the prices have to reflect that. I suppose it’s not massively kids-friendly in the meals department-  they do a lot of grown-up meals and sanwiches so I suppose it could be better to do some kids’ things.”




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