Duwayne Brooks to be Lib Dem Deputy Mayor

Duwayne Brooks with Brian Paddick pic: soulculture

Duwayne Brooks will take the role of  Deputy Mayor for Youth and Communities should Brian Paddick, the Liberal Democrat candidate for mayor, be successful in the   elections.

Brooks, a Lewisham Councillor for Downham ward and friend of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence,  stated in 2010 that he was considering standing at the Liberal Democrat candidate for London Mayor.

The position would involve Brooks engaging with communities and young people in London and working with the Mayor to provide projects that would be beneficial.

Brian Paddick said: “We saw last summer what happens when young people feel disaffected, when they feel that they don’t belong. We have seen what happens when people no longer believe the police are on their side. We cannot allow this to continue. It’s a positive role that I know Duwayne is passionate about, and that we would work very closely together on.”

Cllr Brooks said that he “was honoured” to have been given the important role.

“We have seen over the years an increase in both gun and knife crime across London. So much so it rarely gets the headlines. I think it is fair to say these are difficult times in London. People feel disconnected from politicians and the police. We also have too many young people who also feel alienated.”

“I see my role as a real opportunity to not just make sure people’s voices are heard, but are acted upon. I intend to restore the trust between the police and all communities as well as inspire our young people to take a stake in society.”

Alongside this role, Brian Paddick has announced the Liberal Democrats plans for “Youth Hubs” which will be funded by a voluntary tax on luxury hotels and banks. Paddick believes that these hubs will offer a “positive alternative to gangs.”

The elections will take place on May 3rd.

Meet your candidates at the East London Line hustings. Watch out for announcements.

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