Top five tips for safe cycling in London this weekend

Don't try this at home!

Whether you are new to cycling in London, or a seasoned veteran, safety should always be on your mind. We’ve put together five of our top tips to keep you rolling!

Don’t undertake long vehicles!

This is one of the biggest causes of fatal accidents involving cyclists. Overtaking long vehicles and lorries is risky –especially at junctions as they could easily trap you if they turn left. Do not attempt to overtake a long vehicle at a junction if there is a chance it could start moving again. Be patient – it’s definitely not worth the rush! Visit TfL for a comprehensive guide.

Walk round busy junctions

Some junctions and roundabouts in London are still very badly designed for cyclists. If you don’t feel confident tackling one on bike then don’t. Cross it as a pedestrian at traffic lights or a zebra crossing. However be aware of the flow of traffic – sometimes it is safer to keep cycling than suddenly stop or turn to the pavement.

Stay visible and always wear a helmet

When cycling at night, or at times of the day with low visibility make sure you have lights on your bike. Even during the day wearing a hi-vis jacket can be very effective. When cycling on the road always wear a helmet – they can be the difference between having a minor fall, or a serious accident.

Stick to the rules

Road safety depends on the predictability of traffic. haviour such as skipping red lights, cycling across pavements and not indicating is incredibly dangerous. If a driver isn’t expecting a cyclist to ride in front of them then they may not be able to react if you do. Once again, be patient – at best you will be hit with a £30 fine.

Lock up properly

Long gone are the days when you could expect sympathy for having your bike pinched after leaning it against a lamppost while you grabbed a Danish. Make sure you have a secure rated lock, preferably two, and make sure both wheels are locked up. Always make sure the frame is attached to a secure object. Watch out for low signposts – bikes can be lifted off, and always try and lock your bike up in a well lit place.



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