Deptford cash robbery gang get 17 years

Stolen cash made worthless by a hidden glue and dye soiling device. Photo: Met Police.

Three men have received prison sentences totalling 17  years for a cash in transit robbery, after being arrested in a Deptford Cark park following the Southwark raid in January 2011.

At the Old Bailey, Baffour Amponsah, 25, Brian Ocaya, 28, and Daniel Collins, 28, appeared for sentencing for the robbery of cash being delivered to the Lloyds TSB in Southark Park Road by a G4S security worker in January last year.

Five men including Amponsah, Ocaya and Collins were later seen getting out of a white van in a nearby car park on Watergate Street, Deptford. Ocaya was witnessed taking the box from the van and putting it on the floor.

The group then forced open the cash box, only for glue and die technology within being activated and making the money worthless.

Plain clothes police officers then moved and in, detaining and arresting Amponsah and Ocaya. After an investigation by the Flying Squad, Collins was arrested at his home  November 11, 2011. He was bailed before also being charged for the robbery by the Crown Prosecution Service on November 22, 2011.

Baffour Amponsah & Brian Ocaya. Photo: Met Police

Amponsah, of Reigate Road, was sentenced to four years and two months imprisonment. Ocaya, of Southwark Park Road, was sentenced to six years and ten months and Collins, of Clifton Road, was sentenced to six years.

Daniel Collins found guilty of robbery photo: Met Police

Detective Superintendent Nick Stevens, from the Flying Squad, said: “This is a fantastic result for the Flying Squad working in partnership with the cash in transit industry using the latest technology to arrest and convict criminals.

This sentencing should assist in deterring other criminals who think that committing cash in transit robberies are a quick and easy way to get cash.”

He added: “This latest technology is a new weapon in the fight against cash-in-transit robberies and adds to the Flying Squad’s already excellent partnership work with the industry which has seen the number of such robberies consistently fall significantly year on year.”

Glue technology sticks it to Deptford cash robbers

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