Festival showcases world-class platforms

Digital Shoreditch

The Career Day, Photo: Steven Ren

The second annual Digital Shoreditch Festival celebrates the world-class expertise within East London’s vibrant digital community, taking place from 21 May to 1 June in Hackney House. More than 10,000 people are expected to attend.

Digital Shoreditch is a non-profit, grass roots community, which is dedicated to fostering connections and celebrating the outstanding talent flourishing across East London.

The festival tries to showcase the most talented companies and the brightest individuals within the digital and creative technologies sectors to bring together the best local and national minds.

Throughout the festival, speakers and guests will be debating and sharing ideas on topics including funding, innovation, inspiration and marketing.

Each day of the festival has a different themed programme. ‘Identity Day’ on May 25 will explore the individual and the collective in the digital world.

‘Next Day’ on May 29 will examine the digital future and the next big ideas in creativity and technology.

Kam Star, Founder of Digital Shoreditch, told East London Lines that their ambition is to create a platform to bring people together and get to know the amazing talent and ideas on our doorstep.

They are on a path propelling the area to the forefront of the global stage as the number one hub for digital and technical creativity.

EastLondonLines was at the Careers Day which aims at both digital graduates and career advancement in the digital arena, talked with the participants.


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