Local tributes to Vidal Sassoon [Audio]

New Cross hairdresser Rosanna Petrozzi paying tribute to Vidal Sassoon. Photo: Stephanie Davies

Young hair fashion stylists in Lewisham have been paying their respects and recognising
the debt they owe to Vidal Sassoon, whose death this week received global media coverage.

He revolutionized the culture of how women wore their hair from the 1960s and the London academy named after him gives new generations of hair-dressers the skills and imagination to make what they do more of a profession and art as much as a trade.

Rosanna Petrozzi says he was an inspiration to her because of the artistic nature of his work and legacy.

Valda Pakalniene and Emilija Jakaite of the New Cross Beauty Salon describe him as a legend. They are both graduates of the London Vidal Sassoon Academy.

Born in London, Mr Sassoon began his hairdressing career in the city with his first barber shop apprenticeship in London’s East End. His £300m empire began with his debut salon in the capital’s fashionable Bond Street.

Fellow British celebrity hairdresser Nicky Clarke paid tribute to Vidal Sassoon on BBC’s Newsnight calling him “the most iconic hairdresser”.

Vidal Sassoon Academy certificates

Sassoon will be greatly missed by many who he inspired into the vocation. Hairdresser, Rosanna Petrozzi from New Cross, says she thinks the loss of Sassson is “awful” because he was an inspiration to her particularly as an artistic hairdresser.


Young hairdressers – Valda Pakalniene and Emilija Jakaite from New Cross Beauty Salon tell us about their experiences at the Vidal Sassoon Academy and what the hairdressing legend meant to them. Listen to their reactions to Sassoon’s death below:


Valda Pakalniene and Emilija Jakaite. Photo: Stephanie Davies

Emilja describes Sassoon as a “legend” – who has influenced so many hairdressers through the Vidal Sassoon Academy. Valda talks more about how Sassoon created classic hair cuts that are timeless. Hear more about the Vidal Sassoon Academy here:




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