Hackney Tory says youth cuts are “disgusting” [Audio]

Andrew Boff Conservative Candidate for Hackney By-Election. Photo Andrew Boff

Andrew Boff, Conservative candidate in the Hackney Council by-election, says cuts to youth services are “disgusting”.

Boff says, if elected, he will spend all his basic allowance on improving them, and Youth and housing will be among his priorities.

In this interview for East London Lines he made it clear he wants to see a reversal of the cuts to youth services in the ward:




The Conservative candidate has accused the Labour Hackney Council of making a “pact with poverty” by not signing up to the London Living Wage, although admits he has “never been much of a fan of the minimum wage” himself.

He explains why he supports the London Living Wage, but not the minimum wage:



Boff also argues that Hackney’s regeneration projects focus too much on attracting new people, instead of supporting families who already live there:



Despite the fact that Labour has a stronghold in Hackney, Boff feels that his position as a Coonservative has benefits; namely holding the council and the Mayor to account.



Boff has already served on Hackney and Hillingdon Councils and is a member of the London Assembly, although he recently admitted that the latter role is “largely futile”.

In an interview with the Hackney Citizen, Boff said: “the ban on local small businesses bidding for Council contracts should be removed; residential road schemes should only be undertaken with the full consent of the residents who live on them; buses on the Narroway should be diverted to allow Hackney’s High Street to thrive; high-rise developments are not the solution to the Hackney’s housing problem, which requires a greater investment in housing suitable for families; and cuts to the Youth Service should be reversed.”


More information about the other candidates standing in the Hackney Central By-Election can be found on the Hackney pages of East London Lines.


Andrew Boff’s profile on the Greater London Authority website.

Hackney Central Ward By-Election Thursday 3rd May.






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