Hackney women make app for sports ‘dummies’

Creators of 'Curly's Pocket Guide to Sports'

Three sports fanatics from Shoreditch have developed a mobile phone application to help users understand all the rules and regulations of the Olympic Sports.

Katie “Curly” Buchanan, Sorcha Daly and Marion Renoux have created “Curly’s Pocket Guide to Sports” which will  increase  enjoyment of  Olympic sports this summer.

They all work for digital company WilsonFletcher which has published the application.

According to a survey conducted by the company, 84 per cent of Britons are poorly equipped with basic knowledge and will not understand the point scoring system of the Olympics.  However, 83 per cent agree that they enjoy watching sports more when they understand the rules.

Katie “ Curly” Buchanan the mastermind behind the app said: “ We’re all really excited about this summer, especially as we’re only a stone’s throw from the Olympic site in Hackney.

We’re glued to the Euros at the moment and can’t wait for big summers for golf and cricket too. Creating ‘Curly’s pocket guide’ is our way of sharing our excitement with everybody.”

The concept came to Buchanan when she was at Wimbledon and overheard a spectator asking how many times the tennis ball can bounce. She thought the spectator must have been missing out on the fun of the game by not understanding the basic rules.

The survey also revealed that while over 75 per cent of Britons will watch the Olympic coverage either live or on television, only 16 per cent of viewers actually have  sufficient knowledge and understanding of the sports to fully appreciate what they are watching.

The guide works for those who want to know more about the rules of sports but do not want to spend a lot of time learning them.

Buchanan said: ‘’We thought it would be a lot easier if there was a handy ‘one-stop shop’ for all the info about them, presented in a clear non-technical and fun way’’.

The app, which costs 69p to download, also has a cartoon alter ego of Curly who guides users through the application. It features all the summer’s events from cricket to golf, football to gymnastics, canoeing to track events.

The app is now available from the iTunes app store:


Words by Farhan Daw

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