Olympic parking changes start this month in Hackney and Tower Hamlets. Don’t get towed away

Olympic Parking: Hackney

If you live in an Olympic borough your summer just got more complicated. Huge swathes of the boroughs are to have new parking restrictions starting on 21 June and lasting until 9 September. Some restrictions will be covering areas that have been uncontrolled till now and all will operate from 8am until 9pm every day of the week, including weekends.  Where restrictions are already longer than that (like Hackney Central and parts of Tower Hamlets)  normal rules will apply.

In Hackney all the gold coloured zones shown in the map above, currently have no parking restrictions. During the games,  roads off the Lower Clapton road down to the Lee Navigation and the Marshes (Lee Bridge, Millfields, Daubeney) and  areas near Victoria Park will all be controlled.  Residents will have to apply for a free pass and will also be given a limited number of visitors passes. You can have ten visitors a month and you cannot roll over your visitors from one month to another. Anyone renting property in the area will need to scan their hire documents and register their car on line.

While parking restrictions may be a nuisance for those affected,  residents in the adjoining streets may find that they suffer more.    The streets of Stamford Hill are largely uncontrolled and people who fancy walking to the games via the Downs, or taking a quick trip into Liverpool St, may well take advantage of this. As may those residents who forget to organise parking in time or do not have the requisit proof of residency to register their cars.


Tower Hamlets Parking

In Tower Hamlets  affected areas are already controlled.  While there will be no need to re-register cars, the affected zones will be covered until 9pm every evening (unless they already have longer periods covered). Existing visitors permits will cover the extended hours. In the Victoria Park area there is total confusuion about what the new parking restictions will mean. Residents have taken to Twitter to complain about conflicting signs and lack of clarity.

In some of the worst affected areas it will be impossible even for cars and cabs to stop and pick people up .  According to a BBC report, Philip Batchelor, who suffers fron Osteoarthritis, will be forced to spend the summer in doors as he cannot get around without a cab.  He is asking to be re-housed over the Olympic period.

Waste collections will also be affected with bin lorries in some areas forced to start at 5am.  According to Jamie Blake, Tower Hamlets Service Head, Public Realm: ” We will be continually monitoring the situation and if congestion causes major problems we may need to introduce the earlier collection times in an effort to remove recycling and waste as efficiently as possible.”


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For more details visit the LCOG parking site.


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