What happened on Field Day, Victoria Park

A sea of denim jackets (of which I was also guilty of having donned) short shorts and asymmetrical hair could only mean one thing – Field Day, East London’s hippest music festival, was back for it’s fifth year.

With a Waltzer, helter skelter, hay bales and swings, Field Day proved its quaint charm is here to stay and the good news is there’s only 12 months to wait til the next one.

What we saw

We started our day with a spot of dance music in the Bugged Out tent. As the crowd flashed signs including a particularly impressive one made of LED lights spelling out the word TUNE, we knocked back cider and made some new friends in the crowd – some having even travelled from Glasgow for the day.

Highlights came in the form of Summer Camp whose spunky sun-soaked music matched the weather outside and Illinois finest whistler Andrew Bird who proved his prowess with a violin, ending with a unique arrangement of his famous Fake Palindromes – our all time fave.

Beirut’s melancholic Postcards from Italy had the crowd – who are clearly keeping Urban Outfitters in business – swaying as the light went down over the park.

Metronomy’s matching beige pants and white shirt combo raised a smile – but the bulge in keyboardist Oscar Cash’s trousers raised eyebrows too. Still, once we pried our eyes away we sang along to The Look and Heartbreaker.

Later on in the night, with tents so tightly packed, tensions ran high as Austra took to the stage – twenty minutes late mind you. Now, we all expect a little pushing and shoving but one acid blonde literally knew nothing about personal space. Still, we didn’t let her dampen our spirits and after a little elbow jabbing got back to enjoying the haunting and witchy-esque Canadian electro band.

Unfortunately the weather didn’t hold out and come 9pm we were drenched. But that didn’t stop us from being transported back to 2003 when Franz Ferdinand took to the stage. The headliners played all their classics, including Take Me Out and Matinee, along with new tracks from their latest offering.

What we did

We drank.  And despite the usual insane festival prices we didn’t stop. Forking out £4.30 for a San Miguel and £5.10 for a Kobberberg every thirty minutes left our wallets – and our heads – lighter.

What we ate

It was unanimous – the food this year was the best by far. There was everything from burritos, jerk chicken, falafel and vegan delicacies on offer but, in keeping with the traditional theme of the Jubilee weekend we opted for a hog roast with apple sauce, before polishing off fish and chips for dinner.

pic: Kira Agass


Rachel Sturrock, 26, Brixton

‘Andrew Bird was amazing. So happy I got to see him!’





pic: Kira Agass


Tom Meek, 25, Peckham

‘I hadn’t heard of Austra before but they turned out to be my favourite.’

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