Final hurdle for Bow Olympic missiles is cleared as residents drop legal challenge to MoD


High Court Pic: Lauren Buljubasic

Any hope of stopping the plan to site high velocity missiles on the roof of an Tower Hamlets residential building during the Olympics faded today after residents of another East End block of flats dropped their legal challenge.

The missiles are due to be sited on the roof of the Lexington Building in Bow and on five other sites as part of a massive anti-terrorist operation.

In the High Court on Tuesday, Mr Justice Haddon-Cave ruled that the Ministry of Defence had no duty to consult with residents when deciding how to ensure security for the Olympics.

Rejecting the application for judicial review, he said the MoD acted in an “exemplary manner” dealing with the concerns of the residents of the Fred Wigg Tower, a 15-story building in Leytonstone, owned by Waltham Forest council.

If the judge had ruled in favour of the Leytonstone residents, the other sites would be have subject to similar challenges.

But today, they decided not to appeal against the decision, but will still raise the matter through their local MPs.

The MoD will proceed with plans to have missiles delivered to sites by Friday in time for athletes arriving at the Olympic village by Sunday 15 July.

The judge disputed claims that the security measures would make residents of Fred Wigg Tower a terrorist target. Instead security will be enhanced by the military personel who will be stationed 24/7 on the property with the assistance of the police throughout the Games period.

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By Lauren Buljubasic

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