Appeal for sightings of missing Downham girl

Antonia Daley and the Woolwich Docklands, where she may have last been seen. Pics: Metropolitan Police; Steve White

Lewisham police are searching for a teenager who went missing from her home in Arcus Road, Downham, one week ago.

Antonia Daley, 15, has not been seen since she told her mother she was going to put rubbish out at around 8 o’ clock on Tuesday 21, and never came back in.

Her mother, Kerry Dugmore, has put up posters (print your own here) and set up a Facebook group, which has around 770 followers at the time of writing.

Dugmore, 35, believes Daley may have run away with her 19-year-old boyfriend, Dominic Herbert, of Catford. Dugmore says she saw a text message indicating they planned to meet up and had grounded Daley because she “did not agree with their relationship.”

Dugmore said her six-year-old son Ethan had taken to sleeping in his sister’s bed. In a message to Antonia, she said: “Every time he hears a knock on the door, he jumps up shouting ‘Toni, Toni, Tony’s back!’ But he sees someone else walk through the door. With each passing day he is getting more confused.”

“Just let us know that you are okay. We love you!”

As of Tuesday, the Facebook group’s wall was flooded with messages from friends and well-wishers, inclduing many locals who had volunteered to help out by printing and hanging posters.

One said: “Come on, Toni…you know how impatient I am! I can’t wait around to know that you’re okay. Please get home safe.”

Daley is described as five foot two, slim and white, with blue eyes and “thick, wavy” brown shoulder-length hair. She was last seen wearing a black top and blue jeans.

She was possibly sighted in Woolwich Dockyards last Tuesday, but no sign has been seen of her since.

Anyone with any information should call Ms Dugmore on 07846 121529 or Catford police station on 020 8284 5063.

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