Boris Johnson left hanging in Victoria Park

The Mayor Left Hanging. Pic credit BT London Live and Rebecca Denton

London’s Mayor was left hanging in mid-air as crowds of people at the BT Live Event in Victoria Park celebrated the London 2012 Olympics.

Readying himself with a hard hat and two British flags, Boris took to the zip wire above the waiting crowd before coming to an  abrupt halt 20 metres from the finish line.

The crowd below took the opportunity to photograph and tweet about his predicament on their mobile phones.

The incident soon became the talk on twitter as pictures got circulated and it wasn’t long before #zipwire began trending as people shared the news.


Tweets From Zip Wire. Pic Credit: Twitter, Rebecca Denton


Rebecca Denton was in the crowd when it happened, “he came down as a fast as you like, flags waving in the air like some kind of James Bond, then all the line sagged and he ground to a halt. It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Johnson then shouted: “This is the spirit of Great Britain, go team Great Britain, go!”

According to Denton the Mayor was up there for at least ten minutes.

The East London park has played host to the BT Live Event where members of the public can watch all the Olympic action on big screens and take part in sporting events.




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