Magical journeys on the Overground

Pic: Lauren Buljubasic

Travellers on overground trains, travelling between Hackney and Stratford have been pleasantly surprised by magicians performing card tricks, hired to spread the ‘spirit’ of the Games.

Magic on the Overground has been a success not only for Olympic organisers but also for the magicians themselves. Happy commuters have showed their delight in the performances, which have taken place during the Olympics on the East London Line and have taken to twitter in enthusiasm.

Danny Hall, one of two performers working for London Overground, tweeted on August 10 that he has been booked further to provide entertainment for the Paralympics. He thanked his twitter followers for the support saying that he was thanks to them that he has been employed further.

Danny Hall, 26, and Joshua Hayman, 30, make up the magic duo. Both are experienced performers in London. Between them they have been invited to perform at the Brit Awards after parties, performed at a number of London festivals and entertainment venues, and worked with big corporate clients; but it is their most recent performances that have won the duo many admirers.

Londoners and Olympic visitors alike have enjoyed the entertainment, and tweeters have encouraged other cities to follow the example set by London:








The magic performances will continue until the end of the Paralympic Games on September 9.

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