Croydon gang face 25 years for burglary spree

From top left clockwise: Anthony Patton, Wayne Patton, Terry Moores, Steven Dering, Jack Lockwood, Keiran Hawker, Danny Turner, Danny Spencer. Pic: Met Police

Eight men were sentenced to over 25 years at Croydon Crown Court on Friday for stealing a number of expensive cars, which were used to raid multiple convenience stores.

Anthony Patton, 26, Wayne Patton, 30, Terry Moores, 21, Steven Dering, 22, Danny Spencer, 21, Danny Turner, 20, Kieran Hawker, 18 and Jack Lockwood, 21, were arrested on October 25 2011 in a co-ordinated operation lead by the Metropolitan Police. 

The eight-member criminal network used two stolen vehicles to commit ten burglaries over a seven-hour period on August 8 2011.

The offences all took place within 10 miles of the New Addington estate, where seven of the criminals live. Many of the stolen vehicles were found abandoned on the estate after the crimes had been committed.

The burglars received individual sentences of between 18 months and five years, after police linked over 100 offences that had taken place across the Croydon and Bromley boroughs between April 17 and October 5 2011.

Detective Inspector Jerry Troon from Bromley police said: “The disruption of this criminal network and the sentences handed down are the culmination of a major intelligence-led operation by Bromley police, working together with colleagues from Croydon borough.”

Troon added: “The Metropolitan Police will continue in its relentless pursuit of organised criminal networks such as this one, targeting burglars and bringing these offenders to justice.

“However, we must not become complacent around home security and I would like to reinforce all aspects of crime prevention under the current Bumblebee spotlight and ask everybody to take measures to secure their valuables and property. Please ensure your doors are double locked and you keep car keys out of sight of the front door”.

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