Deptford schoolgirl steals the limelight at opening ceremony

Jasmine Breinburg. Pic: BBC

A Deptford schoolgirl and pupil at Croydon’s BRIT school has achieved overnight fame after she starred in the internet tribute section of  Danny Boyle’s Olympic opening ceremony extravaganza.

Jasmine Breinburg, 18, played the part of a young girl who loses her phone on a night out and is tracked down by a love-struck man.

The much-lauded show appeared to capture the mood of the nation; certainly Breinburg’s own part in the performance won the previously unknown dancer legions of fans in the space of minutes as Twitter users rushed to declare their love.

Matthew Wynn tweeted: “ Jasmine Breinburg you are so beautiful.”

Charlie Hurst tweeted: “Jasmine Breinburg, the beautiful girl from the Olympic opening ceremony has the best hair ever. Wowzers”

Kieran JD tweeted: “I think im in love with Jasmine Breinburg. She is beautiful!”

Breinburg attended an open audition for a part in the enthralling dance performance along with 20 fellow students from Croydon’s BRIT school. After several call-backs she was told she had been given a central role, but knew little else about what it entailed.

She told The Telegraph: “I knew I had an important role but I didn’t realise the extent of it. A lot of it was kept confidential as well.

“It only really dawned on me in the dress rehearsals but even then, we knew we were just one section in a number of routines.”

She said the show was always going to be great. “The team, the directors, Danny, they had a chemistry and an energy about them,” she said. “It could not really fail because everyone worked so well together.”

Her mother, Heather, who lives on Deptford’s Crossfields Estate,  told ELL that her daughter was now reluctant to give any more interviews because she was  suffering from acute fatigue from her whirlwind week. Media organisations from all over the world have been anxious to find out more about her ever since the previously unknown dancer wowed millions with her talent and beauty last Friday.
Despite her new found fame, her daughter intends on going back to the BRIT School in September to finish her A-levels before pursuing a career as a professional dancer.




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