Now the hype of the Olympics is over, will it leave a lasting legacy?

Pic: Olympic closing ceremony by Sochi, Flickr

Now the London Olympics has finished, it is no lie that some people have been converted into Olympic fans. The event has sparked discussion on the positive atmosphere it has created, and how it lifted London from its usual full-time work mode.

ELL took to the streets to ask the locals whether they think the Olympics has changed Britain and left a lasting legacy, and if it will inspire people to take up sports or volunteering.


Photo by Stephanie Taite

Jessica Glendennan, 22, Goldsmiths student, Brockley

‘I think it’s taken money out of things that could go somewhere else like the NHS and schools. It has made people massive patriots. I think that it may have made people take up sports but not volunteering, and I still think the Olympic volunteers should have been paid.’

Photo by Stephanie Taite

Terry Bourage, 53, teacher, New Cross Gate

‘In truth, I don’t think the Olympics has changed Britain that much. But I do think it has left a lasting legacy with more young people interested in sports.’

Photo by Stephanie Taite

Kieran Hennessy, 24, Olympic hospitality employeee, New Cross

‘It’s a history we can be proud of. We had the Queen’s jubilee and our football teams not doing that well, but after the Olympics, I think we can be really proud of it. I think the lasting legacy depends on the future. It’s too early to say now. The Olympics has inspired me, and I ‘m interested in more sports but I don’t know if I’ll take it up.’


Photo by Stephanie Taite

Sally Byul Luong, 17, Student, Hither Green

‘I think the Olympics made London look good, and has left a lasting legacy for Britain as it did in Beijing,  but I’m biased being Chinese. I think that London 2012 was inspiring especially because of the women’s boxing.’

Interviewed by Debbie Sonaike and Stephanie Taite

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