Road junction revamp criticised by campaigners

Lewisham High Street, leading to Courthill Road. Pic: Stacey Harris.

Campaigners have criticised a new road plan for a busy junction in Lewisham.

The new design layout for the Courthill Road follows criticisms from residents and cyclists that the junction is too dangerous in its current form. 

Transport for London devised the road plan to reduce the number of accidents and to ease congestion, following requests from local MPs, stakeholders and members of the public. Campaigners say that 21 accidents have occurred there over the past five years.

Plans include the installation of new signalised pedestrian crossings across the road and a green light phase for the right turn from Courthill Road. TfL also intends to add new advanced Stop Lines at the junction and a banned left turn into Courthill Road.

However, campaigners think that the proposals do not go far enough. Roger Stocker, chairman of Lewisham Cyclists, told the South London Press that the plans merely “pay lip service” to the needs of non-motorised road users and that the road layout, with its five lanes and a centre barrier, is “oppressive”.

TfL says that plans for the new pedestrian crossing have been “favourably received”.

The road plan is due to be implemented by the end of 2013.


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