Police raid crack house in renewed Operation Hawk

Pic: Metropolitan Police Service

The Metropolitan Police have made over 200 drug-related arrests as part of London-wide strike against drug dealers, called Operation Hawk.

Police raided and shut down a “crack house” in Hackney’s Burma Road, seizing thousands of pounds worth of narcotics throughout the borough.

The operation began in the small hours of Thursday morning and continued through 9am. 1,834 cannabis plants have been taken throughout east London and several drug factories and known hotspots were shut down.

It is part of an ongoing project launched in November with the first part of Operation Hawk, as reported here by EastLondonLines.

In Hackney, there has been one arrest for possessing cannabis on Rectory Road; two arrests for possessing class A and B drugs in the Field Estate in E8; and two individual arrests for possessing class A drugs on Amhurst Road and Howard Road respectively.

Wraps of crack cocaine and heroin were seized in Tower Hamlets, where four were arrested in an early morning sting.

In Croydon there have been seven arrests, seizures of class A drugs and a cannabis factory shut down.

Cannabis plants found at Banister House, Homerton High Street. Pic: Metropolitan Police Service

Police also tested for drugs on surfaces at pubs and clubs and checked pharmacies for under-the-counter prescriptions. Sniffer dogs have been positioned at transport hubs throughout the East End.

Over 1,000 officers were involved in the attempt to tackle ‘street level’ drug activity. Officers from Trident were seconded to the force as well as volunteer police cadets.

Weapons have been seized, including a revolver in Chingford and a stun gun and shotgun cartridges in Bromley.

Commander Mak Chishty, the lead officer for Operation Hawk, said: “This operation is a renewed emphasis on local policing teams tackling street level drug dealing and associated crime using local community intelligence and a wide range of tactics and assorted activities.

“Drug dealing damages communities. It generates crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour. The MPS is determined to tackle this issue head on by bringing together our resources to reclaim and help repair areas affected by drug dealing.”

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