Missing Antonia Daley found “safe and well”

Pic: Daley and Waterloo station, where she was found. Pic: Metropolitan Police; Becky Pitzer

A Downham teenager who had been missing for two weeks was found on Thursday night one day after being upgraded to ‘high risk’ by Lewisham police.

Antonia Daley, 15, disappeared from her house on Arcas Road just after 8am on Tuesday August 21 after telling her mother she was taking out the rubbish.

She was found by officers at Waterloo station at around 9pm.

Daley’s mother, Kerry Dugmore, 35, told EastLondonLines on Thursday afternoon that local people had rallied to her cause.

She said: “It’s really heartwarming – complete strangers printing off posters and sticking them all over the place.”

Nearly 8000 people have joined the Facebook group dedicated to finding her, including, Daley says, relatives of Tia Sharp and the family of Kevin Jason Hicks, who has been missing since 1986.

Antonia’s younger brother, Ethan, had since taken to sleeping in her bed. Dugmore said: “He’s struggling. He started school yesterday, and  it’s been a really bad struggle to get him to actually go  in the classroom.

“He’s been in tears and once he gets there he doesn’t want to stay there and doesn’t want to leave me alone.”

Lewisham police thanked the public for their support and help.



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