Boots Riley and The Coup to play at Goldsmiths on October 29

Pic: Goldsmiths Students' Union

Boots Riley and The Coup will play Goldsmiths in support of the Love Music Hate Racism campaign and to mark the release of their new album ‘Sorry to Bother You’.

It will be the politically edged group’s first show in the UK for six years and the only London date of the tour. Politically campaigning since their formation Boots Riley and The Coup are one of hip hops most socially aware speakers.

Hailing from Oakland, California, The Coup was established in 1991 when fellow United Parcel Service workers Boots and E-Roc met.   They released their first album “The EP” in the same year, which fused danceable hip-hop drums with aggressive lyrics criticizing capitalism, American politics and police brutality.

Signed to EMI in 1992 they released their first commercial release ‘Kill my Landlord’ and received heavy radio play for singles ‘Dig it’ and ‘Not Yet Free’ all playing on ‘Yo! MTV Raps’ and BET.

New album: ‘Sorry To Bother You’ will once again stake the group’s commitment to political and social commentary, marring punk guitars (like 70s groups The Clash), 90s hip hop drum beats (think: A Tribe Called Quest) and harsh rap lyric themes directed right at government policy (think: Public enemy).  The lead single ‘The Magic Clap’ was released on Soundcloud earlier this year, the first taster of what we can expect from the new album. Listen here.

Aligning themselves alongside other politically committed rap stars Dead Prez and Rage Against the Machine, they have continued to be in the forefront of Occupy Oakland movements and Boots himself was part of the progressive Labour party.

Mirroring Goldsmiths’ campaigns surrounding the right to protest, Boots Riley and the Coup have been heavily engaged in fighting against austerity and the campaign for Trayvon Martin.

With politically charged lyrics: “They only give you two choices; be a rebel or a slave” highlighting the nature of the group’s stance on government and their socialist views which intertwine with the Goldsmiths aesthetic.

The Coup will play at the Stretch at Goldsmiths SU on Monday 29th October. Tickets are available here.

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