Council approves compulsory recycling

Pic: Team London Bridge

Croydon Council has given the go-ahead on a compulsory recycling scheme which could see people fined up to £80 for not recycling.

The scheme was approved at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday and is expected to save the council around £200,000 a year.

An EastLondonLines report on the scheme- including what Croydon residents think of it- can be found here.

Councillor Phil Thomas, the cabinet member for highways and environmental services said there would be no rush to fine people who fail to meet the new rules.

He told those meeting: “There is no point threatening people if you are not going to carry it out.”

A team of waste enforcement officers will police the new rules. They will follow a 12 week programme of sending reminder letters and offering personal recycling advice to residents living in roads that have been identified as priorities.

Officers will use their commonsense and action would only be taken against people who persistently refuse to recycle.

Residents who fail to abide by the new rules will face an £80 fine with a reduction for early payment. Court action would be the last resort.

Initially, blocks of flats and flats above shops will be excluded. Assisted collections services will continue for residents who have difficulty getting their recycling and landfill bins to the kerbside.

The council pays £106 per tonne to send the waste to landfill sites whereas processing the recyclable materials costs just £30.

Councillor Thomas said at the meeting: “We think this scheme is good for the environment and good for the council taxpayers.”

The scheme is expected to begin by January next year.

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